Please take a moment to review our new tech support policy
Flesher cannot be responsible for loss of data. Click here for information on backing up your software.

Welcome to Flesher Support

Here you'll find a comprehensive and ever-expanding resource for all of Flesher's lettering machines. Our intent here is to give you every bit of information we can to help effectively operate your equipment, and be successful in your business. In the navigation bar at the left side of the page you'll see help and how-to pages categorized by machine type.

Note that Flesher products have been evolving for decades. We've developed dozens of models, often with versions of software specific to a certain model, or for a certain customer. We've even developed unique software for an individual machine. And while we always back up our own data, we are no longer able to support many of our older products. This being the case, we must ask you to PLEASE BACK UP YOUR OWN DATA. Flesher cannot be responsible for data loss due to computer hardware failure. Your best defense against unexpected data loss is a complete offsite backup of the computer running your machine. Short of this, we recommend that you back up the installation folder for your software somewhere else on your network. The installation folder is typically:


The installation folder might also be called \Flesher or \Premere or some similar name, depending on the version of software.