System Overview

These support pages deal primarily with the Premere lettering machine and the iStamp software, though in many cases this information is applicable to all Flesher machines.

The Premere is a computer-controlled, automated hot foil lettering machine. At the heart of the system is a print-wheel with up to 200 individual dies. A compressed air supply provides the force necessary to stamp each die into your product, much like an old ball-head typewriter. The machine is controlled by an attached Windows computer, and specifically Flesher's iStamp software. iStamp is a custom application that provides all of the complex motion control to position the machine and stamp on your product.

The most common Premere model includes Dynamic Depth Control (DDC), and a stepper-motor-driven tilt mechanism. DDC allows you to specify in software how deep to stamp into your product with a great deal of precision. Moreover, with DDC you can fine-tune the depth of each character with respect to the others, for highly consistent depth control.

Machines not equipped with stepper-tilt can only mount two-row print-wheels. Stepper-tilt allows you to mount a wide variety of printwheels: two-row, three-row, four-row, and five- or six-row combination wheels. These can be used to achieve a number of sophisticated embossing effects.