Our New Tech Support Policy as of October 2016

The J. A. Flesher company has been providing industrial-grade hot-foil lettering equipment to businesses since 1979. Since then we’ve delivered nearly a thousand machines in a wide variety of configurations to customers all over the world. We pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built over the years, and we’re committed to providing excellent support to our customers for years to come.

But due to changing computer technology, decreasing availability of older components, and durable, but aging equipment, our technical support workload has increased significantly over the years. Consequently, our tech support billing policies have changed.

As always, feel free to contact us at any time, for any reason. Simple, short questions will not be billed. Any issue that can’t be resolved within 15 minutes, or by a single email exchange, however, will be billed as follows:

First hour - $200 (flat rate)
additional hours - $140 (prorated in 15 minute increments).

Of course we will always inform you before we begin billing, and we will do our best to provide a reasonable estimate of the time required to resolve a particular issue. Please understand, however, that it may not be possible to provide an accurate estimate.

If you are concerned about the potential cost of tech support, packages and service contracts are available. Please contact us at info@flesher.net for more information.