Built to Compete

Why choose a Flesher stamping machine above any other? Among the other stamping and lettering machines that exist, Flesher machines are uniquely suited to businesses requiring quick, painless personalization solutions. Typically, our customers have specific needs that a Flesher stamping machine can meet.

Our machines are built to last. In fact, just recently, on a visit to a client, one of our engineers found a Flesher stamping machine in their factory that had been running efficiently for over two decades.
Built for Customization
Our precision print-wheels can be made from any digital font (truetype, opentype, et al).
Built for Easy Operation
Spend less time on labor and more on creating.
Built to Save Labor
Quick, simple functionality means fewer man-hours, more throughput, and higher productivity.
Built for Personalization
Two pieces? Two thousand? A Flesher stamping machine sets-up instantly for any size job.
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