Speed 1 lb 2-5 lbs 6-10 lbs
Ground $10 $12 $15
Next day $45 $65 $85
Next day (early am) $100 $125 $150

For shipments outside the continental US, larger than 10 pounds, and/or other delivery options, actual cost will be charged.

Price per engraved character (depends on slug size): size x thickness price per character
1/4” x .100” $32.00 (early system3)
5/16” x .100” $31.00
5/16” x .150” $34.00
7/16” x .100” $44.00
7/16” x .150” $48.00
1/2” x .100” $54.00
1/2” x .150” $58.00
1/2” x .150” $60.00 (for 8” printwheels)
3/4” x .150” $76.00

Setup: Due to the nature of Flesher’s character manufacturing process, a $25 setup charge is applied to every character order. A character order is defined as any number of characters ordered at once that all share the same type-style and font size. For example, ordering 100 characters in 18 point Times New Roman will incur a single setup charge, but ordering a single replacement character in Times New Roman and another single character in Helvetica will incur two setup charges.

Character orders are normally fulfilled in 10 business days. Expedite charges may be added to character orders according to the following schedule...

Built for Customization
Our precision print-wheels can be made from any digital font (truetype, opentype, et al).
Built for Easy Operation
Spend less time on labor and more on creating.
Built to Compete
With a Flesher machine, you can do what your competitors can’t—even blind deboss.
Built for Personalization
Two pieces? Two thousand? A Flesher stamping machine sets-up instantly for any size job.
Built to Save Labor
Quick, simple functionality means fewer man-hours, more throughput, and higher productivity.

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