Replacing the Anvil Pad

The print-wheel needs to stamp against a hard surface - the anvil. Sitting on top of the anvil is a small, replaceable pad made of a hard, green plastic. This anvil pad provides a firm surface to stamp against, yet still helps to prevent damage to print-wheel characters and your product. Depending on the kind of product you're stamping on, the anvil pad might last almost indefinitely, but when stamping on very thin materials, like photo-paper or cloth, the anvil pad might wear out more quickly. To replace the anvil pad, follow these steps. . .

1. Turn the machine off, or lift the front guard to cut power to the machine.
2. Pull the Table out and away from the anvil.
3. Reach underneath the table. Stick your finger through the slot in the middle of the table and push the anvil pad out of the anvil. You might need to pry the anvil out with something, like a small screwdriver. When the anvil pad comes loose, it might drop down onto the machine frame. Make sure you remove it from the machine.

4. Drop the new anvil pad into the anvil the same way - by reaching up through the slot under the table. When it's in place, make sure you push the anvil pad down into the anvil so it seats properly.

5. From above the table, push the anvil pad down into the recess in the anvil so it sits flat.

If you're having trouble installing the new anvil, you can lower the anvil and table and reach it from above. Make sure you return the anvil and table to their proper positions.