A printwheel is the heart of any Flesher stamping machine. A printwheel consists of a wheel-body, and a set of characters mounted to it.

When servicing a printwheel, replacing characters, or just editing the wheel file, it's important to understand how characters are positioned on the wheel. Hold the printwheel with the serial number facing you. On all Premere printwheels, wheel positions are numbered starting at the character position directly above the key-slot, and on the back row (row 1). This is position 1. Character position numbering then moves counter-clockwise from position 1. The wheel pictured below is a 4-row, 200-character wheel, but positioning is the same no matter what kind of printwheel you have.

When you've reached the end of the row (the character just to the right of position 1) we continue numbering from the first character of the next row. This is directly in front of Position 1. On this 200-character wheel the first position on row 2 is position 51. Numering continues as before - counter-clockwise.

Similarly, row 3 begins with position number 101.

And finally row 4. The last position on this wheel is numbered 200.