Built for Easy Operation

Printing solutions for your business are made easy with Flesher machines. All Flesher machines can be controlled by an ordinary computer using a Microsoft Windows operating system. Because Flesher software runs on Windows, it's easy to add a Flesher machine to any business network. In addition, we can modify and seamlessly integrate a foil stamping machine that will fit with even the most sophisticated operation.

Flesher is a small business, and every machine we make is built by hand in our Colorado Springs shop. Since each machine is unique, we have the flexibility to add design modifications according to client needs.
Built for Customization
Our precision print-wheels can be made from any digital font (truetype, opentype, et al).
Built to Save Labor
Quick, simple functionality means fewer man-hours, more throughput, and higher productivity.
Built to Compete
With a Flesher machine, you can do what your competitors can’t—even blind deboss.
Built for Personalization
Two pieces? Two thousand? A Flesher stamping machine sets-up instantly for any size job.
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