The Premere

The Premere is computer-controlled, so it's a highly integrated system: a motion controller is run by software on a Windows-based computer. This means that to operate the system often requires you to be proficient in basic computer skills as well as Flesher's proprietary software. Moreover, often certain mechanical adjustments are necessary to make the machine perform properly. The following pages are a comprehensive overview of the Premere system.

The first section, Setup & Calibration, is intended for experienced operators, and maintenance, or IT personnel. The second, third, fourth, and fifth sections explain the use of the system in day to day operation. Here you'll learn all about how to start the system up, stamp on various products, in production, as well as more sophisticated stamping techniques. The Mechanical Adjustments section details the common tasks you'll be faced with when operating the machine.

Mechanical Adjustments, Layout & Formatting, Jobs & Templates,

The section on the Wheel editor is again for more advanced operators. Here you'll find in-depth discussions on the use of print-wheels, and the inner workings of the system.

The Servicing Your Machine section is strictly for maintenance personnel. This explains all of the common service tasks required to maintain your Premere, and make sure that it runs reliably for many years.

Finally, an Index and Glossary is provided. Here you'll find brief explanations of terms used, as well as links to every page on this support site.

We encourage you to explore this site fully to determine which sections are of most use to you.