Positioning Text Using the Laser

If your Premere is equipped with a laser pointer, you can use it to point to exactly where you want text to be stamped. Follow these steps to set the print reference point with the laser pointer:

1. Set your Print Reference point and type something into the Text Editor.
2. To laser positioning, first click on the From Laser option in the Print Position box. Note that the settings is the Corner Position box are disabled.
3. If the laser isn't already on, click on the Toggle Laser button. You should now see the laser dot on the Premere's table.
4. Click on the Go button in the Print Position box. The machine will move so that the laser points to the print position of the currently selected text area. You can always check where the print position is set by clicking on the Go button.
5. Click on the arrow button next to the Go button. Four arrows will appear in the print Position Box.
6. Click on the arrows to move the laser where you want it. Remember: you're pointing at the Print Reference point for the selected text area.
7. Save the new setting by clicking on the small blue arrow button in the Print Position box (or you can cancel this operation by clicking on the cancel button). Don't forget to save (or cancel) the new print position setting. Unpredictable behavior can result.

Note that the machine remains in the same place after you've saved the new print position setting. You can return to the load position by clicking on the Load button. To verify the new print position, click on the trace button. The machine will now use the laser pointer to trace around the text area.