Built for Personalization

Flesher machines are designed to allow you to easily add personalization to your product. Imagine the cost of your best-selling product. Now, imagine a monogram or a personalized message stamped on the cover. That could give you up to 15% above the base price of the product. Total time to stamp? About fifteen seconds.

The history of stamping began in Asia around the year 200. Relief characters or patterns were cut into wooden blocks and dyes were then applied to silks and other material. Printing techniques were not used in Europe until several centuries later.
Built for Customization
Our precision print-wheels can be made from any digital font (truetype, opentype, et al).
Built to Save Labor
Quick, simple functionality means fewer man-hours, more throughput, and higher productivity.
Built to Compete
With a Flesher machine, you can do what your competitors can’t—even blind deboss.
Built for Easy Operation
Spend less time on labor and more on creating.
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