Jobs & Templates

Jobs and Templates are used to automate the production process and minimize data entry errors. Think of a template as all of the settings needed to properly set up the machine for stamping. A job, on the other hand, is the actual text, or variable data, the gets stamped. In its simplest form, a job file is often just a list of names that go on personalized products. You'll use a template to retrieve settings for repeat jobs. To run a job with a template:

1. Click the Job menu and select Open. Browse to your job file and click Open.
2. Click the Template menu and select Open. Click on the template you want to use and click Select.
3. Click the Auto Advance button. If the job has already been run, click the Restamp button.
4. Load a product.
5. Click Stamp.
6. Unload the product.

Repeat steps 4 through 6 until the job is done. To learn more about using jobs and templates, see the pages under this heading.