Formatting Text

Text in can be entered and formatted directly from iStamp's main window. The upper portion of the right-hand side of the screen is devoted to entering and formatting text (see figure...). The elements related to text formatting are:

1. The text editor. This area shows you the text that will be stamped. Note that you can have more than one text area per template. When more than one text area is used, numbered tabs will appear below the text editor (for more information, see the page on Multiple Text Areas). Click anywhere in the text editor to type text.

2. Justification buttons. The available options are Left, Right, and Center. Select the appropriate option when you want to justify multiple lines of text to each other. Note that shorter lines of text are always justified to the longest line. In other words, the longest line of text will remain in the same place, while the shorter lines of text will be moved to justify to the longest line.

3. Wheel number. This drop-down box allows you to select from your available Print-wheels. Note that the selected print-wheel MUST match the ACTUAL print-wheel mounted to the machine (see Changing Printwheels). Only installed print-wheels will appear in this list (for information on installing print-wheels, see the page on System Files). Only one print-wheel may be used at a time.

4. Foil Color. If your machine is equipped with the dual-foil option, you may select which color of foil is stamped. Only one color may be stamped per text area.

5. Font. This drop-down box allows you to select from the available fonts installed on your print-wheel. Many print-wheels only contain one font. Font names are typically composed of Flesher's three-digit font number first, then a two digit point size, and finally a single letter in parentheses to indicate font orientation (H for horizontal, V for vertical down the spine, U for vertical up the spine). Only one font may be used per text area, but each text area may use its own font.

6. Kern. This button opens the kerning editor. For more information on this subject, see the page on Basic Kerning.

7. Wheel. This button opens the print-wheel editor. For more information on this subject, see the pages on the Wheel Editor.

8. Trace. This button can be used with the machine's laser to trace around where text will be stamped on the product. This is helpful for visualizing the finished product.

9. Add/Remove text areas. Clicking on these plus and minus buttons will add or remove text areas from the template. Up to eight text areas can be stamped at the same time using the current template. Each text area can have its own font, justification, position, depth, and other settings. All text areas must be stamped using the same print-wheel.

10. Text area tabs. When you create additional text areas (with the add text area button above), tabs will be created for each new text area. You can switch between text areas by clicking on these tabs. In the image below, four text areas are present.