Built for Customization

Do you need to personalize ten pieces? How about ten thousand? Flesher machines are equally at home doing one­off production, short­runs, or mass customization. In a yearbook plant, a Flesher machine might handle a single job for a large high school -- up to two thousand pieces. The same machine can be used for short­run customization jobs of two or three pieces. In either case, only a few minutes of set­up time is required.

Because our printwheels are engraved in-house and our software is easily modified, we can provide our clients with literally any font or language set required. In the video above, you can see a custom printwheel made for a client in Thailand.
Built for Personalization
Adding value to your products is easy with a Flesher stamping machine. Sets-up instantly for any size job.
Built to Save Labor
Quick, simple functionality means fewer man-hours, more throughput, and higher productivity.
Built to Compete
With a Flesher machine, you can do what your competitors can’t—even blind deboss.
Built for Easy Operation
Spend less time on labor and more on creating.
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