Adjusting Air Pressure

Every Premere has a device to regulate the air-pressure going to the stamp cylinder. This is located on the right side of the machine, and towards the back. Some machines also have an air-pressure regulator for the product clamp. When viewing the machine from the right side, the stamp pressure regulator will be on the right, and the product clamp regulator will be on the left. To adjust the pressure for either system, follow these steps. . .

1. Pull the locking ring out (towards you) from the regulator knob.
2. Rotate the regulator knob to adjust pressure. Clockwise increases pressure. Counter-clockwise reduces pressure.
3. When the desired pressure is indicated, push the locking ring back into the regulator.

What air pressure you set will depend on what kind of product you're stamping on, whether you're foil stamping or debossing, and how much pressure is available from your air compressor. Typically, the stamp cylinder pressure is set as high as the supply pressure - often about 100 psi (6.9 bar). Product clamp pressure is often set to about 40 psi (2.75 bar), although this can vary widely. Many very soft products can be damaged by the product clamp, so clamp pressure will be set fairly low. Conversely, it's sometimes important to set the pressure higher for larger products so they don't slip out of the clamp.